Greeting from CEO
Graduated from Hanyang University(Civil Engineering major) and with 15 years of job experience at Korea’s representative construction company, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., I was able set up the company worthy of its name by participating various national projects contributing to the national economic development including Rapid-transit Railways, subways, Housing-site development, as well as large-scale underground excavation constructions for the last decade since the foundation of Daehong Ace Construction Co., Ltd. In 1996 repeating the development and growth.
From March, 2003 to this date, I’ve held various posts including an operation council member, representative member, and vice-chairman of the Earth Works Council (Korea Specialty Contractors Association), and starting from September of 2006, I filled in the seat as the 8th Chairman. Additional posts include a member of the Construction Industry System Improvement Committee ( central committee),/Vice-Chairman of Seoul Metropolis branch,/Chairman of Labor Policy of Korea Specialty Contractors Association; Director of Korea Research Institute for Construction Policy; a member of Construction Advancement Forum,
(Ministry of Construction & Transportation); and Head of Operation for Korea Special Contractor Financial Cooperative.. With such duties and as a representative contractor, I am expending my efforts to improve the status and to protect rights and interests of whole construction industry.
DAEHONG ACE Construction Co., Ltd
CEO Shin Hong Kiun
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